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Welcome to Sinomed, where each product we sell demonstrates our dedication to raising healthcare standards. As a top supplier of medical devices, we take pride in putting in place a strong Quality Management System (QMS), earning our ISO13485 accreditation, as well as recognition on a global scale with FDA registration and EU CE certification.

·Quality Assurance and Compliance:

Sinomed’s success is rooted in our unwavering commitment to quality. Because of our tight commitment to a QMS, every product is put through a rigorous testing process to meet and exceed international quality requirements. Our dedication to providing the safest and highest-quality medical products is demonstrated by the ISO13485 accreditation.


·Comprehensive Product Portfolio:

1. Injection Devices:

·Conventional Syringes: Sinomed’s meticulously crafted conventional syringes are intended to provide precise and regulated medicine administration, guaranteeing the welfare of patients.

·Self-Destruct Syringes: With their cutting-edge safety features, our inventive self-destruct syringes remove the possibility of needlestick injuries and inadvertent reuse.

·Safety Syringes: Designed with efficiency and safety in mind, our safety syringes put patients’ and healthcare providers’ safety first.

 2. Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes:

The aseptic blood sampling and effectiveness of Sinomed’s vacuum blood collection tubes are perfect for meeting the various and changing diagnostic requirements of medical practitioners.

 3. Sutures:

Silk sutures, absorbable sutures, and non-absorbable sutures are all available from Sinomed. delivering trustworthy wound care in addition to closure for the best possible and aesthetically acceptable healing results.

4. Blood Collection Needles:

See our wide range of blood collection needles, each expertly crafted to satisfy the unique demands of different medical processes.

5. N95 Masks:

Particulate respirators such as Sinomed’s N95 masks have excellent filtration effectiveness, provide strong respiratory protection from airborne particles, and guarantee patient and healthcare worker safety.


·Quality, Innovation, and Patient Care:

Sinomed is dedicated to using innovation and quality to advance healthcare. Our injectable tools are expertly made to guarantee patient comfort and ease of usage. The procedure of drawing blood is streamlined using vacuum blood collection tubes, and our sutures help with efficient wound care.

Sinomed is redefining the norms in healthcare by providing products that put the safety and well-being of patients first. You can rely on us to deliver the accuracy, dependability, and creativity your healthcare requires.


·Contact Us:

For further information, inquiries, or to place an order, please contact us via:

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