Pre-Filled Normal Saline Flush Syringe

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【Indications for Use】

The Pre-Filled Normal Saline Flush Syringe is intended to be used only for the flushing of indwellingvascular access devices.

【Product Description】
·The pre-filled normal saline flush syringe is a three-piece,single use syringe with a 6%(luer)connectorprefilled with 0.9%sodium chloride injection,and sealed with a tip cap.
·The pre-filled normal saline flush syringe is providedwith a sterile fluid path,which is sterilizedvia moistheat.
·Including 0.9%sodium chloride injection which is sterile,non-pyrogenic and without preservative.


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【Product Structure】
·It is made up ofbarrel,plunger,piston,nozzle cap and 0.9%sodium chloride injection.
【Product Specification】
·3 ml,5 ml,10ml
【Sterilization Method】
·Moist heat sterilization.
【Shelf life】
·3 years.
The clinicians and nurses should follow the steps below touse theproduct.
·Step 1:Tear the package at the cut partand take out the pre-filled normal saline flush syringe.
·Step 2:Push the plunger upwardto release the resistance between the piston and the barrel.Note:During this step do not unscrew the nozzle cap.
·Step 3:Rotate and unscrew the nozzle cap with sterile manipulation.
·Step4:Connect theproductto an appropriatedLuer connectordevice.
·Step 5:The pre-filled normal saline flush syringe upwardlyand expel all the air.
·Step 6:Connect the product to the connector,valve,or needlelesssystem,and flush accordingto therelevantprinciples andthe recommendations ofthe indwelling cathetermanufacturer.
·Step7:Used pre-filled normal saline flush syringe should be disposedofin accordance withtherequirements ofhospitals and environmental protection departments.For single use only.Do not reuse.
·Doesnot contain natural latex.
·Do not use if the package is opened or damaged;
·Do not use if the pre-filled normal saline flush syringe is damaged and leakage;
·Donot use if the nozzle cap is not installed correctly or apart;
·Do not use if the solution is discolored,turbid,precipitated or any form of suspended particulate matterby visual inspection;
·Do not resterilize;
·Check the expiry date ofthe package,do not use ifit is beyond the expiry date;
·For single use only.Do not reuse.Discard all the unused remaining parts;
·Do not contact the solution with incompatible medicines.Please review the compatibility literature.


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